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CALL NOW! (718) 445-7600
Mon-Sat: 8a-9p, Sun: 11a-6p
146-10 45th Ave. Flushing, NY, 11355

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Why Choose Preferred Dental Care?

"We Care for People... Not Just Teeth."

Our Mission Statement

We will offer our patients quality care as though they were our own family.

We will NOT cause discomfort.

We will see every patient on time.

We will emphasize continuing care.

Patient Comfort & Dental Technology

Dental Patient Comforts FlushingOnce you become familiar with the amenities and technology we offer, you’ll see the benefit of our many services in one location. In fact, you’ll want to stay under our roof as long as possible.

It all starts with our long-term, people-loving staff... a happy, giving team that wants nothing more than to see you comfortable and at ease with every visit you make to our office. We believe that all our features are only as good as the people that bring them to you. And our people are the best.

You should also know that everyone on this great staff follows what we call the Five Steps of Sterilization to ensure your ultimate safety.

We do all this in an upscale, modern office, with a reception area featuring coffee, a music system, and a big colorful fish tank. Each operatory has an X-ray machine, TV, and computer – now that’s high tech!

We also feature a completely digital office. From the paperwork in our reception area to before-and-after photography, we’re all about creating the most modern and efficient office possible.

What’s more, we couldn’t be easier to locate. If you can find Flushing Hospital, you can find us—we’re right across the street. For those using public transportation, we’re conveniently reached by bus or subway.

We keep it clean.

Clean Flushing Dental OfficeWe use as many disposable items as possible between patients.

We use five step of sterilizations. Which are:

We go to extreme measures to give our patients the safest environment.

Number one cause of death in a hospital is iatrogenesis, meaning it was caused by the hospital visit itself. "Hospital errors are the third leading cause of death in US. And new hospital safety scores show improvements are too slow." -Source:

Making Dentistry Affordable

Dental Financial Information FlushingWe don’t want financial concerns to distract from your oral health. Rest assured that we help patients with a wide span of insurance and/or financial situations. Let us help you as well.

As a service to our patients, we will process immediate requests for credit with financial services such as Care Credit. Speak with us to see what other kinds of financing are currently available.

We accept many different dental plans and gladly work with you to maximize your benefits. We also take cash, check, money order, all major debit/credit cards, and automatic bank payments.

Discounts are available for those who pay in full at the time of their initial treatment appointment. Patients who need extra time or assistance, however, can take advantage of our dental loans and payment plans. Please contact our Flushing dental office (718) 445-7600, for more details.

Free Parking

Driving to Preferred Dental Care is made easier with free parking provided by the office. You can park at the Welcome Parking Lot right across from Flushing Hospital on Burling St. where you will be given a paper ticket to bring into the office and show our receptionist. Your paper ticket is then validated with a special sticker, allowing you to drive away at no cost. There is also the option of parking along the right side of our building along our right wall. If you choose to park there you will need to leave your keys with the receptionist so that one of our staff may move your car if needed to let another patient out. We do however waive any liability for any damage that may occur to your car while handling it because we view this as a courtesy and we are not an auto-insured valet company. If you would rather not have anyone handling your car, you can park at the Welcome Parking Lot for free. That company is insured to cover any damages to your vehicle.

The 10 Commandments to Finding the Right Dentist for You and Your Family

Finding a professional dentist whom you can trust for yourself and your family's oral health is as crucial as finding that perfect wedding ring or that ideal home.

Your dentist is going to be working with you and your family for years to come, so it makes sense to take the extra time to ensure you find a dentist who's right for you.

 Now, you can find a quality dentist by following these simple guidelines: 

  1. Follow the good old word of mouth recommendations: Ask your dentist how many patients they receive from referrals of other happy patients. Most successful professionals will be happy to share these numbers with you. This is just like your mother or sister recommending someone to you. Click here for more info.
  2. Ask for a free consultation: If your dentist provides quality service, they will happily schedule a free consultation, free examination and much more in order to learn about the benefits of having good oral health and how to achieve it. Click here to contact us.
  3. Keep your eyes and mind open: When you visit the office for your free consultation, look out to see if the office is clean, organized, and sterile. Click here for more info.
  4. Qualification Counts: Look for a professional that is well qualified and experienced. Click here for more info.
  5. Education Matters: An office that is up to date with the technology and has the means to educate you about oral health, speaks a lot about their attitude towards you and your health.
  6. Availability and Accommodation: A dentist office with flexible and long office hours and weekends to accommodate you at your convenience and work around your schedule. Also, be sure to ask them if they receive emergencies.
  7. Don't let them play catch n' throw with you: An office that has all specialties under one roof is ideal, so you don't get shuffled between offices and dentists. Go to an office where you can stay comfortably in one place for all your oral healthcare needs. Click here for more info.
  8. It's the entire team that makes a difference: Observe if the staff is caring, attentive, listens to your needs and cares about your comfort and convenience.
  9. Giving back to the community and supporting causes: You might wonder how supporting causes affects your service? Well, it is closely associated. A practice that supports social causes and is a part of professional groups that are affiliated with noble causes for the betterment of the society will never cheat you with either their services or prices.
  10. Follow the 3 C's: See if the office goes beyond the basic chair and tools to relax you and make you feel at home with Comfort, Care and Convenience. Do they serve fresh beverages, and snacks? Do they have a nice décor, free parking, and soothing music to relax you?

Finding the right dentist is not that difficult but it is a crucial step towards living healthy and continuing to smile as a family. Follow these 10 commandments and you will find your ideal partner in oral health for a lifetime!

Getting to our Office!

Click here for map

Our building is entirely handicap accessible!

Using public transportation:
# 7 to Main Street, Flushing. Take Bus Q65, Q26, Q27, Q17, Q25/34 to the following locations close to our office.
Q65, Q26 to the Corner of Parsons Blvd. & 45th Ave. at Flushing Hospital
Q27 to Corner of Parsons Blvd. & Holly Ave. (46th. Ave.) at Saint Mary’s Church
Q17, Q25/34 to Corner of Kissena Blvd. & 45th Ave.

From major highways
From Belt Parkway take Van Wyck Expressway North then take L.I. Expressway East
From Southern State Parkway take Cross Island Parkway North take LI Expressway West
From Grand Central Parkway take Cross Island ParkWay North or Clear View North
From Jackie Robinson Pkwy take Van Wyck Expressway North take LI Expressway East
From Van Wyck Expressway take L.I. Expressway East
From Cross Island Parkway take L.I. Expressway West
From Clear View Expressway take L.I. Expressway West

From L.I. Expressway (U.S. 495) take exit 24 for Kissena Blvd.

From L.I.E. WEST: Take a right turn onto Kissena Blvd at the traffic light.

From L.I.E. EAST: Take a left turn onto Kissena Blvd. the traffic light.
Go ½ mile on Kissena Blvd. and take a right turn onto Rose Ave.
Go 2 blocks and make a left turn onto Parsons Blvd.
Go ½ mile on Parsons and take a left onto 45th Ave. at the light.
We are on the left, right across from the main entrance of Flushing Hospital.

From Northern Blvd. or Roosevelt Ave.
Take a left turn onto Parsons Blvd., if coming from the Bayside direction.
Take a right turn onto Parsons Blvd., if coming from Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, etc.
There is a Shell Gas station at the corner of Northern and Parsons Blvd.
Go about one mile south on Parsons towards Flushing Blvd.
Take a right at the traffic light at 45th Avenue (Flushing Hospital corner)
We are across from the main entrance of Flushing Hospital.

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Friendly Dentist in Flushing, Queens New York
$99 Dental Cleaning
Free Exam & X-Rays
For new patients- a $230 Value!
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Contact Preferred Dental Care today at (718) 445-7600 to hear more about our office and dental services for you and your family and experience the difference a well-trained, caring dentist can make in your life. New Patients are always welcome and we work with many insurance plans. You'll never regret choosing us! Preferred Dental Care serves General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Emergency Dental Care in the following locations of Queens NY: Bayside, Little Neck, Fresh Meadows, Elmhurst, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Woodhaven, College Point, and Whitestone with state-of-the-art amenities and top-quality dental treatments.

"We Care for People... Not Just Teeth."


We service the following zip codes: 11359, 11360, 11361, 11362, 11363, 11365, 11366, 11373, 11375, 11415.
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